BUSY is a research team focusing on research, teaching and industry services in the following fields:

We cover everything useful and practical in large-scale and real-world Software Engineering. You can find our current research topics on the Research Topics Page.

Mission Statement

We build software continuously and cover the whole software lifecycle - from inception over production to retirement and bridge the gap between development and operations. To arrive this, we follow these principles:

Continuous Development
  • Iterative requirements-management
  • Continuous integration, testing and deployment
  • Low-footprint, fast testing environments
  • Efficient and lean/fast source code management
  • Integrated automated chains of development tools
  • Test-management with requirements traceability
  • Quality monitoring
  • Standards enforcement
Sustainable Development
  • Modular and testable
  • Separation of Concerns: Architecture “versus” Functionality
  • Appropriate usage of frameworks and architectural patterns
  • Collective ownership
  • Knowledge management
  • Declarative dependency management and version management
  • Strong usage of vivid Open Source projects with active self-involvement
Operable Development
  • End-to-End operational planning
  • Automated deployment and configuration management
  • Low-footprint operations
  • Automated non-functional tests, e.g. performance / load-tests
  • Support for monitoring, log-analysis and continouse measurements
  • Establishment of durable and sustainable maintenance, operation and support procedures
  • Leading-edge (not bleeding-edge) Technology

Open Source Strategy

Researchers and students are strongly encouraged to become involved in the open source eco system to facilitate a continuous reflux of knowledge and technological improvements to the open source community. Our team is currently contributing actively to core open source technologies. Interview with Mark Struberg on his work for the Apache Software Foundation.

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